Michael's Story

Hi. I am Michael and I have been playing guitar and singing since high school. Trust me, that was a very long time ago! Now I spend my time as a "one man band" musician giving back to my community by performing at small venues and street settings in my hometown of Sammamish, WA, and in the Seattle Veterans Medical Center. I round that out by leading guitar and ukulele instructional jam sessions for fellow military veterans as a volunteer for the Seattle-based Path with Art organization. I am also a volunteer guitar instructor with Guitars for Vets. 

I served in the US Army as a Military Police Officer during the 1970s and have a special affinity with the military and public service communities. Having raised a family, my wife and I now enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren and I have the time to enjoy my art and craft, enriching your lives along the way.

Music should be a part of all our lives and my passion is to bring it to life in you.

All my best,